Dear Buyer, AGM offers sincere thanks for your choice and takes responsibility for servicing during the warranty period of the equipment.

Generated provisions:

1. The service is based on the tax receipt and the guarantee certificate

2. The warranty term is shown in the appendix and is valid from the moment of signing the Warranty Certificate.

3. AGM commits itself to remove component failures throughout the warranty period.

4. The warranty period is up to 14 days. The warranty period is extended by the length of the repair period.

5. The delivery of defective goods to the AGM technical service will be made on behalf of the customer.

6. The warranty period for replacement parts expires with the warranty period originally provided for the changed product.

7. The warranty is valid upon presentation of the Guaranteed Certificate.

8. The defective products are presented in the original box with the complete set of accessories.

9. The technical service of the products purchased from the AGM is performed in the technical services located in the city of Chisinau on: Calea Lesilor 28/2, tel. 0-22-800-871;

Warranty Terms:

Technical goods may not be serviced under the Warranty Certificate for defective goods that have resulted in:

> Mechanical damage to goods, incorrect shipping;

> Correction or falsification of the Warranty Certificate, the impossibility of identifying the model and / or the serial number (manufacture) of the product;

> Natural calamities: lightning, fires, floods, etc., or from other causes that have occurred independently of the will of the seller or manufacturer;

> Breakthroughs inside the product of forbidden, liquid, insect objects; Operation of the appliance in wet, corrosive or dusty environment;

> Defects due to condensation;

> Repairing or bringing about upgrading or overclocking changes to the product by unauthorized people;

> Uses of the product in conditions other than domestic, unfit for the product;

> Incorrect use of the equipment against the power supply or the display with the original damaged power cord;

> Deviation from state-of-the-art technical standards of networks that supply or provide telecommunication link to purchased goods (eg voltage fluctuations on the power grid);

AGM is not responsible for the compatibility issues that may arise from the use of separately procured products.

In the event of a component failure, AGM commits itself to mitigating the defect or replacing it. If this is not possible then AGM undertakes to replace the component with one as close as possible to the technical parameters of the initial one. In this case, the customer will pay the price difference (if the price of the new component is higher than the defective), being calculated as the difference between the current price of the newly installed product and the current price of the defective component.

In the event of unsealed products being submitted to the Technical Service (with removed warranty labels or seals), these products will be removed from the warranty.

The warranty does not apply to consumables (accumulators, batteries, cartridges, thermal paper, etc.)